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We currently have 55 plot holders (November 2023) cultivating in total about 3 acres. As the site is about 10 acres there is the potential for making more land available for cultivation. People joining us are sometimes complete beginners as well as seasoned gardeners. The soil is generally very fertile and most crops grow well . As a result weeds also thrive so unless you are particularly lucky to take on a plot that has recently been vacated then most plots will need a lot of work to make them productive again. You will get plenty of help and advice if you need it from an enthusiastic group of allotmenteers. You can start with just a small plot or maybe if you are retired and have the time you can have a much larger plot.


Since there is no mains water on site we rely on pumps to obtain water from boreholes. Apart from hand pumps we can also fill 1000 litre tanks around the site using petrol driven pumps attached to hosepipes. At least we don't have to worry about water restrictions and hosepipe bans.


Some of us just grow vegetables such as beans, onions, potatoes, courgettes and  cabbages, but many of us grow fruit and flowers as well. Many plot holders have a shed for storing tools and some have a greenhouse for propagation and some have polytunnels for growing more exotic things.  One of our plot holders keeps chickens in an enclosure on their plot and another plot holder who is a qualified member of the British Bee-Keepers Association has beehives in a secluded area on the site.      

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